Square Cap
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Flawless process

The capsule production plant is fully automated.

During the entire production process, the capsule is never handled by the operators.

Everything is carried out by a series of automations which convey, control
(by 5 cameras), box and palletize.

Once the pallet has been identified, labeled and filmed, it is taken to it’s rack, ready to be shipped.

This process eliminates the risk of non-compliant capsules in boxes.


The raw material with which the SQUARECAPS are made is 100% vegetable, resulting from food industry waste.

This material is certified by TUV

100% Biobased Home Compost 20 weeks disintegration From 2nd generation feedstock

The end of life of this material can be done by domestic composting, biogas by methanization, or quite simply with household waste.

In few words


  • OTR/WTR = 0,006/0,004
  • Shelf Life: 12 months
  • Food contact
  • Compatible with Nespresso machine since 2010


  • Capsule colors: 6
  • Printable Lid


  • Raw material
  • 100% Biobased

End of life

  • Home Compost
  • Industrial composting
  • Digester / Biogas
  • Incineration

Specification Raw Material

  • Home Compost certified
  • Mosh et Moha
  • Allergen Free
  • GMO Free
Squarecaps can be customizable. The lids can be printed.


Square Cap Sas is the French subsidiary of a Hungarian group based in Budapest. Square Plastic Kft. is owned and managed by Tamas Schneer. Square Cap Sas is managed by Pierre Doutreloux.

Square Cap manufactures and markets Squarecap, compatible Nespresso capsules made from 100% Biobased materials from renewable plant and certified Biodegradable Home Compost, Marine and Soil. The same Certifications are in progress for the capsules.

The production plant is located at Tata, town located 60 km west of Budapest close to the M1 motorway which connects Budapest to Vienna in Austria.

The production capacities are:

130 million capsules in 2021

600 million capsules in 2022

2 billion capsules in 2023


+33 604490254
15 Allée des Landes de Simon
33950 Lege Cap Ferret
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